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55 Prairie Road
Fond du Lac, WI  54935
Pay regular price for thousands of items and have a percentage of it go toward your child's place of learning and education - that's a pretty good deal!  Through the volunteer efforts of our school parents, you can participate in the "Scrip" program.  You order gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants and gas stations, and a percentage of your purchase goes toward Faith and towards your child's school fees at Faith or WLA tuition.  For details click the link below.


The following is a link showing all the retailers offering scrip.  This is a comprehensive list showing all  retailers (both local and national chains), the rebate percentage per retailer and the various card denominations per retailer.  If you would like to purchase any of these scrip cards offered and they do not appear on the weekly order form, please just write your selection at the bottom of the order form and turn it in along with payment to the Scrip box located in the church narthex.  Orders received by Sunday at 10:25am (9:25am in Summer) will be available for pick-up on Friday morning in the school office.

The following link is a Scrip-to-Go form showing all the businesses that we have Scrip for on hand.  This is the "cash and carry" version of the Scrip Program. 


We now have Reach Out Books scrip in our Scrip-To-Go inventory.  We carry $10 denominations and the rebate earned is 10%.  These cards are good for both the retail store and the coffee shop.

Also, A&W ($5 cards at 12%) and Gilles ($5 cards at 10%) are back in our inventory for the season.

We no longer carry Express Convienience Cards in Scrip-To-Go.  They may still be ordered on a weekly order and used at the Express Convienience locations throughout the state.  The three local stores (Korneli's on Main St., the North Fond du Lac location, and the Johnson St. location) will not accept Express Convienience scrip cards past 2/28/2015.

During the school year, Scrip-To-Go is available for purchase as follows:

Monday/Thursday in school cafeteria: 7:40am-8:15am
Monday-Thursday (school office): 12:00pm-3:30pm
Friday:  9:00am-3:00pm
Sunday: 8:45am-9:10am and 10:15am-10:30am
To purchase Scrip, you must have exact change or a check made payable to Faith Lutheran Scrip.

There are hundreds of businesses that participate in the Scrip program and we cannot possibly carry all those cards in our inventory.  To purchase cards for stores that we do not have on hand, you can place an order.  The link below is the form for this type of order.  These orders need to be placed in an unsealed envelope with your name on the outside along with payment in the box marked "Scrip Orders" in the church narthex no later than Sunday at 10:25am (9:25am in Summer).  Your order will be filled and ready for pickup in the school office Friday morning.


Questions about the Scrip Program can be directed to Pam Koenes- 266-6062 or stampalatte@ymail.com