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55 Prairie Road
Fond du Lac, WI  54935
What parents are saying about Faith Lutheran School-

"I love our school and feel blessed everyday attending Faith Lutheran Church and School."

"The education has been equivalent if not better than the public school and the ability to have Christ as an integral part of the education not  only prepares the student for this life, but for eternal life."

"I know I can come to my son's teacher at any time and discuss things."

"Teachers know the students at all grades, and it feels like a family unit."

"Communication is excellent."

"Our teachers are always going above and beyond their role of teaching."

"My children's academic progress is great, and they love coming to school."

"It seems like we are always looking to improve."

"It is nice to see that we are implementing ways to integrate technology into our school day."

A letter from the Poch family-
The 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, was in the second year of his first term, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married secretly in the Dominican Republic and the Major League Baseball players union was engaged in a work stoppage which forced the cancellation of the 1994 World Series. 1994 was also the year which my wife and I enrolled our oldest children in Faith Lutheran Grade School. For nearly the next 15 years, one or more of our four children attended our church’s Lutheran elementary school.
Neither of our families had ties to the church, the school or the Fond du Lac community. At the time we lived within the district boundaries of one of the more desirable public elementary schools in town. Additionally, each enrolled student at the Lutheran school was accessed a book and activity fee and we had two school-aged children. There was no transportation, technological, facility or athletic benefit to sending our children to this particular “private” school. They did not espouse a Montessori program or another “cutting-edge” educational philosophy. 
With no apparent economic, social or educational benefit; what lead us to choose Faith Lutheran School as the provider of educational services for our children?  It’s exactly what was offered that was the underlying reason to engage in a longstanding partnership with our Lutheran school. This school reinforced the same basic truths our children were learning as infants and toddlers. My wife and I think that if you wait until the age of five to begin their instruction, you have let a wonderful opportunity slip through your fingers. Mom and Dad can teach them so much at this impressionable age. 
Hillary Clinton borrowed an African proverb for the title of her 1996 book, “It takes a Village to Raise a Child”. So, which village will educate your child? We chose one that held to the same scriptural truths our parents shared with us. We chose one whose teachers and staff have our children’s eternal souls as their first priority. We chose one whose worshippers are continually reminded about the message of God’s grace through Jesus’ redemptive work for undeserving sinners. But we did not choose a village if you visit the dictionary meaning of the word. Rather, we chose a community; a group of people with a common background or with shared interests within society.1
Our last child has since graduated. We are no longer active on a daily basis as we had been. We now support our Lutheran elementary school with our prayers and ask that you prayerfully consider the community of Faith Lutheran School for the precious child of God temporarily entrusted to your care.
“I am Jesus little lamb. Ever glad at heart I am. For my Shepherd gently guides me. Knows my needs and well provides me. Loves me every day the same. Even calls me by my name.”
Larry and Diane Poch